Birthday Parties at the A&H FAQs


What does a Birthday Party at the A&H include?
Museum Provides:
– Expert Museum Educator.
– 2 hour party time, including rental space.
– A guided tour of the relevant museum to your party.
– Themed paper goods including:
– 20 plates
– 20 napkins
– 20 cups
– 20 forks
– 2 themed center pieces (property of the A&H)
– Small decorations (i.e. banners and paper streamers)
– additional paper goods may be purchased for $20
– A themed project depending on the selected party.
– A special present for the birthday boy/girl.
– Special favors for all party guests.
– Free admission to all 5 of our museums for entire birthday party.
– Free downloadable party invitation for your specific party. Just print as many as you need!
Parents Provide:
– Balloons
– Birthday cake, cake serving ware, candles, and lighter
– Any additional food / beverages. Please note: the only party that the A&H staff handles food is Tea Parties.
– All required fees.

What are my options for themes?
You may choose from the following themes:
Painting Party
* 8×10 Canvas Party Favor, 12×10 Birthday Boy/Girl Canvas
* or Large 6ftx4ft Finger Painting Canvas, Coloring Book Party Favors
Pottery Party
* Pinch Pots
* Relief Sculptures
“Hats, Teas, & History”-Tea Party
* Hat Party Favors
Carpentry Crew-Tool Box Building Party
* Tool Box Party Favors

What are the costs for each party?
There is a flat rate charge of $250 ($225 for members) for each party with a maximum of 18 guests. This guest count does not include parents or children not participating in party events.
– Additional guests are $12 each.
– Additional paper goods may be purchased at a rate of $20 per 20 plates, napkins, cups, and forks.

Are there specific days and times a Birthday Party can take place?
Yes, a Birthday Party may be held on Friday from 4 -6pm, or Saturday or Sunday from 10am-12pm, or 4-6pm.
Please call for availability ASAP as slots fill up quickly!

How do I make a reservation for my child’s Birthday Party?
Please call 407.539.2181 x 264 or email

What is the role of the Museum Educator?
Every Party comes with a Museum Educator to help with set up and clean up. Your educator will direct all activities from your chosen theme for the first hour and will assist you in the second hour of your party time. The Museum Educator is not there to cut the cake or serve the food, but rather will assist you with any questions or concerns. We want you to be able to have a fun and relaxing party! While the educator is there to help, please remember that we always defer to a parent for behavior correction, timing, etc.

What time can we arrive for a Birthday Party?
You can enter the party room half an hour before the start of your party (9:30am, or 3:30 pm). Please alert your Museum Educator of your arrival time prior to your party day. Half an hour is the earliest you will be permitted to enter for your party. You are welcome to explore the rest of the Art & History Museums – Maitland throughout the day. The campus is open from 9am-5pm, the museums are open from 12-4pm.

Can we stay in the room after the party?
Birthday parties run two hours, but the group may stay an extra 15 minutes with no charge after party time.

Where do we go once we arrive at The Art & History Museums – Maitland?
Please see the Maitland Art Center / Cottage at Lake Lily to check in for your party and for directions to your party space.

What about our party guests?
Your guests should also check in at the Maitland Art Center / Cottage at Lake Lily to receive directions to your party space. Please note on invitations the location of your party to be the Maitland Art Center for Arty Parties (231 W Packwood Ave. Maitland, FL.) and the Cottage at Lake Lily for Tea and Carpentry Parties (701 Lake Lily Dr. Maitland, FL.).

Do adults/siblings count towards the 18 guests?
No. Adults are welcome and encouraged to stay throughout the party and accompany party guests on the tours of the museum. Any older / younger siblings of guests are also welcome. Please note that these additional adults/siblings will not be provided any party supplies (i.e. activities, paper goods, chairs, etc.). All guests of a birthday party receive free admission to our museums the day of the party.

Are there a maximum number of guests allowed?
Due to safety and fire code regulations we must limit the party to 40 guests. This number does not include adults. Due to the small and intimate nature of our campus, larger parties may be divided for tours / activities.

What if we don’t fulfill the18-guest maximum?
There is no price reduction for fewer than 18 guests.

Can we bring our own cake, food, or beverages?
Parents are encouraged to bring whatever type of food or beverage they wish for their parties. Hats, Teas, & History Tea Parties are the only parties where the A&H provides food. Please note that any outside food or drink brought to parties cannot be handled by the A&H staff.

What about adult meals?
Hosts are responsible for all food and beverages for adults. No additional plates, cups, napkins, or forks will be provided by the A&H unless purchased in advance. No alcohol is permitted during Birthday Parties.

Is the Birthday Party room decorated?
A birthday banner, streamers, and two centerpieces are provided by the A&H. Parents are welcome to bring additional decorations / balloons to decorate the party room. All decorations must remain in the party room and cannot be hung outside the designated party area. No piñatas or sparkler candles.

Can we bring our own party favors?
You are welcome to bring party favors for your guests. Please see each unique party theme to see the A&H provided party favors.

Can I celebrate more than one child’s birthday at the same time?
Yes, you are more than welcome to celebrate a birthday for more than one child. Please note that additional birthday children will not alter the maximum guest count.

Do you require a deposit?
A temporary hold for your party can be placed on our calendar for free for one week. Afterward you will be contacted by A&H staff for payment. At this time the full amount is due or can be split into two separate payments. Full payment and the final head count are due one week before your birthday party.

Can I cancel or reschedule my party?
If you cancel your party within the one-week temporary hold period of your initial booking, there are no fees. After this week, a fee will be deducted from your payment for cancellations, which increases the closer the cancellation is to the party date. You are welcome to reschedule to another available day and time. If you do not want to reschedule a birthday party, the A&H may also issue a credit voucher in the amount of your payments for future services.

What do I do in the case of bad weather?
Due to our unique campus, most parties have an outdoor component. All parties can be accommodated to remain indoors but still require some outdoor walking from building to building. If you would like to cancel or reschedule your party due to bad weather, please see our cancellation / reschedule policies.

Do I need to clean up the room at the end of the party?
No, your Museum Educator will take care of clean up for you!

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