Summer 2017 Classes begin June 6! Online registration is open!

Art School Classes for Adults — Summer Semester


Jewelry Fabrication
Jim Hosner: Tuesdays 10am – 1pm | Tuesdays 6pm – 9pm | Wednesdays 10am – 1pm | Wednesdays  6pm – 9pm | Saturdays 10am – 1pm <9 weeks>
Candice Stern: Thursdays 6pm – 9pm
Members: $166.50, Others: $185; Materials fee: $50
Join this incredibly popular program to learn the three stages of fabrication– cutting, welding, polishing– while completing original projects. Students also learn stone-setting and safety techniques.


Beginning Pottery
Cindy McDowell
Thursdays / 6pm – 9pm <9 weeks>
Members: $220.50; Others: $245; Materials Fee: $35
Learn the basics of pottery: different types of construction techniques (hand building, wheel throwing, form alteration and manipulation), multiple decoration techniques (applying textures, using slips and glazes), and experiment with low, high, and raku firings. Open to students building their own artistic practice for the first time, or to those refreshing their skills.

Ceramic Open Studio
Cindy McDowell & others
Wednesdays / 6-9pm <4-9 weeks>
4 weeks: Members: $110; Others: $124
9 weeks: Members: $220.50; Others: $245
Looking to pursue your own path in ceramics? Need only an occasional helpful hint? Ceramics  Open Studio is for you! Bring your own materials and supplies to create artwork using our potter’s wheels and studio. Staff are happy to answer occasional questions, but this is for the self-directed, experienced artist. Please note: only Florida Clay Art clay is approved for use.

Pottery: Alternative Firings
Cindy McDowell
Tuesdays / 6pm – 9pm <9 weeks>
Members: $220.50; Others: $245; Materials Fee: $35
Work with alternative firing techniques such as saggars, horse hair, raku and pit firing. Other techniques include airbrushing stoneware glazes, trailing glaze and slip, colored clay, colored slip, and other less used decorative techniques. Beginning pottery is recommended before taking this class.

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Fundamentals of Painting
Glen Ward
Saturday 1-5pm <9 weeks>
Members: $180, Others: $200
If you’ve ever wanted to try painting, this is the class for you! Beginning students learn to see like an artist, and master the necessary techniques and vocabulary to plan and develop artwork. Each class progresses on the next, and students can expect to see their skills quickly grow through studies of line, shape, form, color, tone, texture, space, and composition.

Intro to Acrylic Painting
Calixto O’Neill
Tuesdays, 11:30am-1pm  <6 weeks>
Members: $105, Others:$135
This introductory acrylic painting class will provide you with techniques and skills towards confident acrylic painting.

Painting: Acrylics
PJ Svedja
Wednesdays, 7-9pm <9 weeks>
Members: $180 , Others:$200
Discover the basics of using acrylics. Students enhance his/her own aesthetic while learning fundamental skills, techniques and color theory.

Beginning Drawing
Calixto O’ Neill
Fridays, 10am-12pm <6 weeks>
Members: $105, Others:$135
Explore line, shape, form, distance and angles while developing skills in drawing and developing your artistic eye.

Intermediate Drawing
Calixto O’ Neill
Tuesdays, 6:30pm-8:30pm <6 weeks>
Members: $105, Others:$135
Continue to develop drawing skills through intensive value studies and more, and create realistic renderings of people, animals, and objects. Beginning drawing is a recommended prerequisite.

Beginning Watercolors
Glen Ward
Monday 1-5pm <6 weeks>
Members:$160, Others: $180
Start at the very beginning to acquire fundamental watercolor skills and explore techniques unique to this medium. A step-by-step approach ensures success for all students, regardless of experience.

Advanced Painting
Glen Ward
Sunday 1-5pm  <6 weeks>
Members: $160, Others: $180
This class is designed for students who are familiar with painting basics, and are looking to explore new and different techniques, including incorporating mixed media, increased skills and techniques, and more. Fundamentals of Painting, Beginning Watercolors, Intro to Acrylics, OR experience with another painting class, is a recommended prerequisite.


Sculpture 1: Figure, Abstract & more 
Steve Piscitelli, Susan Carter & Kent Arblaster
Saturdays 10am-1pm <9 weeks>
Members: $166.50, Others: $185; Materials fee: $65; Model fee: $10 per class
Sculpting for beginning through advanced students. Bring your sculpting dreams! Students may choose to explore figure, abstract, representational or other forms of sculpture in clay or wax; completed 18” sculptures are cast ready for use in Sculpture 2.  Participants must be over 18 years old, and are requested to pay model fee as appropriate to their projects.

Sculpture 2: Bronze Casting and More
Steve Piscitelli, Susan Carter & Kent Arblaster
Saturdays 10am-1pm <9 weeks>
Members: $166.50, Others: $185; Materials: purchase as needed from instructor
Explore new casting methods and finishing techniques using a variety of materials including bronze, waxes, acrylic and urethane plastics, foam rubber, plaster and cement products. Sculpture 1 is a recommended prerequisite, to provide a cast ready sculpture. Participants must be over 18 years old.

Sculpting: Casting & Sculpting Miniatures
Steve Piscitelli, Jim Hosner & Kent Arblaster
Saturdays, 1pm – 4pm <9 weeks>
Members: $166.50, Others: $185
Materials: purchase as needed from instructor
This is the perfect class for creating miniatures or cast jewelry.  Beginning through advanced students will learn the lost wax method of casting in silver or bronze, including wax carving, investment, and spin casting. Participants must be over 18 years old.