Summer 2018 Classes begin June 19th!

Art School Classes for Adults — Summer Semester

All classes are 9 weeks unless noted.

photo by Roberto Gonzalez


Jewelry: Fabrication
Jim Hosner, Marion Fague-Bass (Wed. 1pm) Candace Stern (Thu. 6pm)
Tuesdays 10am – 1pm | Tuesdays 6pm – 9pm | Wednesdays 10am – 1pm | Wednesdays
1pm – 4pm | Thursdays 6pm – 9pm | Saturdays 10am – 1pm
Cost: $185 ; Materials fee: $50
Join this popular program to learn the three stages of fabrication – cutting, welding, polishing – while completing original projects. Students also learn stone-setting and safety techniques. (Choose one class time from list.)

Jewelry: Faceted Stone Settings
Jim Hosner
Wednesdays 6pm – 9pm
Cost: $185 ; Materials fee: $50
Students will earn to do stone setting techniques: prong, tube, and gypsy. Prong settings show off the stone, while in tube setting, the stone is set into a metal tube that is added to the design. Gypsy setting places the stone directly into jewelry.


photo by Roberto Gonzalez

Beginning Pottery
Cindy McDowell
Thursdays 6pm – 9pm
Cost: $245; Materials Fee: $40
Treat yourself to an enriching experience by working with clay. You will be taught the basics of working with clay to construct the items you wish to make. Techniques in hand building, wheel throwing, altering shapes, decorating, glazing and firing will be covered. You can decide on the projects you want to make, or you can follow the scheduled project for the lesson. Personal and group instruction are provided. Items are fired quickly and glazed items are usually ready to take home the following week.

Ceramics Open Studio
Cindy McDowell & others
Thursdays 6pm – 9pm <4 or 9 weeks>
Cost: 4 weeks–$124; 9 weeks–$245; Materials Fee: $40
Looking to pursue your own path in ceramics? Need only an occasional helpful hint? Ceramics Open Studio is for you! Bring your own materials and supplies to create artwork using our potter’s wheels and studio. Staff are happy to answer occasional questions, but this is for self-directed, experienced artists. Please note: clay body & supplies guidelines available upon request.

Pottery: Alternative Firings
Cindy McDowell
Tuesdays 6pm – 9pm
Cost: $245; Materials Fee: $40
Work with alternative firing techniques such as saggars, horse hair, raku and pit firing. Other techniques include airbrushing stoneware glazes, trailing glaze and slip, colored clay, colored slip, and other less used decorative techniques. Beginning pottery, or extensive experience with clay, is recommended before taking this class.


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Intro to Acrylic Painting
Calixto O’Neill
Tuesdays 11:30am-1:30pm
Cost: $185 + supplies list
This introductory acrylic painting class will provide you with techniques and skills towards confident acrylic painting. Learn step by step in a comfortable environment. You’ll be surprised by how quickly you progress!

Painting: Color Theory
PJ Svedja
Wednesdays 5:30-6:30pm
Cost: $110 + supplies list
Learn the basics of color mixing for any painting. This class covers everything from basic color mixing, temperature (which colors are warm or cool), highlights, shadows, reflective colors, value, whew! You name it! Whether you are a novice or a professional this class is packed with tips and tricks that are sure to change the way you look at color forever. Each class will be a new skill with small practice exercises.

Painting: Acrylics
PJ Svedja
Wednesdays 7pm – 9pm
Cost: $200 + supplies list
This multi-level class gives you the opportunity to explore acrylic paint to create three guided paintings, each completely different in subject and style. Your fourth painting is done independently; your choice of subject. Whether you have basic skills, are already a painter, or want a refresher, this is a fun class to learn skills, techniques and color theory!

Beginning Drawing
Calixto O’ Neill
Mondays, 6pm-9pm
Cost: $185 + supplies list
Explore line, shape, form, distance and angles while developing skills in drawing and developing your artistic eye.

Intermediate Drawing
Calixto O’ Neill
Tuesdays 6pm-9pm
Cost: $185 + supplies list
Continue to develop drawing skills through intensive value studies and more, and create realistic renderings of people, animals and objects. (Beginning Drawing is a recommended prerequisite.)

Beginning Watercolors
Glen Ward
Mondays 1pm – 5pm <6 weeks>
Cost: $185 + supplies list
Start at the very beginning to acquire fundamental watercolor skills and explore techniques unique to this medium. A step-by-step approach ensures success for all students, regardless of experience.

Advanced Painting
Glen Ward
Sundays 1pm – 5pm <6 weeks>
Cost: $185 + supplies list
This class is designed for students who are familiar with painting basics, and are looking to explore new and different techniques, including incorporating mixed media, increasing their skills, and more. Beginning watercolors, or similar, is a recommended prerequisite.


Intro to Sculpting
Susan Carter
Tuesdays 6pm-9pm
Cost: $185; Materials fee: $65
This class will introduce students to the materials, types and techniques of sculptural form. We will discuss the nature of three dimensions, how gravity and relation to a base plane affects a sculpture, additive and subtractive techniques, surface transitions and various sculptural materials, while creating three sculptural projects. The class will consist of some lectures, but mostly just making sculpture.

Sculpting 2: Bronze Casting & More
Kent Arblaster
Saturdays 10am – 1pm
Cost: $185; Materials fee: $65
Explore new casting methods and finishing techniques using a variety of materials including bronze, waxes, acrylic and urethane plastics, foam rubber, plaster and cement products. Sculpture 1 is a recommended prerequisite, to provide a cast-ready sculpture. Participants must be over 18 years old.

Sculpting: Casting Miniatures & Jewelry
Kent Arblaster & Jim Hosner
Saturdays, 1pm – 4pm
Cost: $185; Materials fee: $65
This is the perfect class for creating miniatures or cast jewelry. Beginning through advanced students will learn the lost wax method of casting in silver or bronze, including wax carving, investment, and spin casting. Participants must be over 18 years old.


Intro to Digital Photography
Michael Van Gelder
Sundays 6pm-9pm <6 weeks>
Cost: $225
Love photography? New hobby? Received a new DSLR as a gift? Learn how to put it to good use and start capturing memories. Learn how to MAKE pictures instead of just TAKING them. Learn the concepts you see in magazines and online, through hands-on instruction, presentations, assignments and critiques.

Digital Photography Expanded
Michael Van Gelder
Wednesdays 6pm-9pm <6 weeks>
Cost: $225
Expand your knowledge of photographic composition and creative imaging. Learn the essentials of metering, and when and where to use it. Learn through group discussions, instructor critiques, and a field trip. Digital Photography is a recommended prerequisite.