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Art School Workshops for Adults


Sketch Club
Located in Studio 10

Days/Time: THURSDAYS, 6:45-9:15pm
Cost: $10 members, $15 Others
Description: Sketch Club is a weekly drop-in figure drawing opportunity. (No pre-registration needed.) Must be over 18 years old. The first and third Thursdays of each month include short poses ranging from 1 minute to 20 minutes. The second and fourth Thursdays of each month are long pose nights which include only one pose, with breaks, for the duration of the evening. Easels & drawing horses are provided on a first come, first served basis. Please bring your own art materials. No instruction provided.

Located in Studio 12
Hanji Making: Korean Mulberry Paper
Instructor: Hye Shin
Date/Time: Saturday January 26, 10-4pm
Cost: $85
Materials Fee: $25; 16 years or older
Description: Experience the spirit of Korean culture by learning the history and techniques of hanji, traditional paper made from the mulberry tree. You will use a mold and deckle set and your hands to make paper sheets.

Natural Dye and Eco Printing on Silk
Instructor: Hye Shin
Date/Time: Saturday February 2, 10-4pm
Cost: $85
Materials Fee: $25; 16 years or older
Description: Through this introduction to the concepts of natural dyeing, experience the process by learning color from fruits, vegetables and even insects. This will provide a base of knowledge and encourage further exploration at home. Students will experiment with eco-printing to create a scarf or handkerchief.

Located in Studio 5 unless noted
Matching Ring Workshop
Instructor: Jim Hosner
Days/Time: Sundays: by appointment
Cost: $175 per pair; Silver: Approx. $50
All other materials – call for a quote!
Description: Create a lasting memory with your favorite person! Design and create matching rings with your best friend, parent, partner, etc. No experience necessary and all tools provided.

Sunday Jewelry Workshops
Instructor: Jim Hosner
Days/Time: Sundays: 1pm-4pm
Cost: $50
Materials included unless noted – please bring cash materials fee to workshop
Description: Complete a project in each 3 hour workshop. All workshops are appropriate for beginners, unless noted.

  • Flush Setting Stones in Pendants – January 13
    Materials: $10-50, depending on project
    Description: Learn to flush-set stones into metal to create your own pendant. Familiarity with hand tools is beneficial, but not required.
  • Tube Setting Stones – February 10
    Materials: purchase from instructor
    Description: Learn to tube set stones adding to the design of your jewelry. Materials available for purchase from instructor; bring simple designs to workshop.
  • Make a Ring – March 10
    Description: Learn the 3 basic steps of fabrication while creating a silver ring to custom fit your size.

Located in Studio 10

Create Your Own “Masterpiece”
Instructor: Phyllis Taylor
Date: Saturday, February 2nd, 10-4pm (with break)
Cost: $50
Materials fee: $20
Description: Join this fun workshop where you will create a Gauguin’s Tahitian Woman painting but make it your own! You are shown how to paint the image onto the canvas and then get to freely paint it how you want- creating your own masterpiece.

Personal Histories: An Abstraction
Instructor: Carole d’Inverno
Date/Time: Saturday, February 9th 12-2:30 pm
Cost: $65
Description: An afternoon geared towards creating a personal history, using the language of abstraction. You will be researching your ancestries, family lore, places where you grew up, and think back on your upbringing. Carole will guide you on how to create an abstract vocabulary, your works will be realized on paper scrolls using pencils, markers, watercolors and acrylics.

I Can Fly
Instructor: Phyllis Taylor
Date/Time: Saturday, February 16th , 10-4pm (with break)
Cost: $50
Materials fee: $20
Description: This workshop is designed to encourage your abilities to accomplish what you set out to do, and to believe in yourself. It is a playful workshop in which you will paint a large pair of wings…large enough for it to appear as if it’s your wings when standing in front of their painting!

Wild Honey
Instructor: Phyllis Taylor
Date/Time: Saturday, March 9th, 10-4pm (with break)
Cost: $50
Materials fee: $20
Description: Open up to the real you and feel free to express your true self. Feeling pent up or tight can cause you to hold your thoughts captive, and the capacity for your ideas to flow is shut off. Painting can be like walking on the edge but when you add intention and some soul searching, your experience can get sticky, sweet, wise & wild!

Located in Studio 10

Painting Workshop
Instructor: PJ Svedja
Days/Time: Saturdays, February 23rd, 1pm-4pm
Cost: $50
Materials fee: $20
Description: These workshops are a blend of painting and mixed media techniques, exploring a looser style of painting and greater expression. Complete a project in each unique workshop. All workshops are appropriate for all learners, unless noted. 

  • Painting:Horses – January 5 
    This class will simplify the anatomy of the horses focusing on the face as we paint the beauty of wild horses!
  • Roses – January 26 
    Just in time for Valentine’s Day! Roses are one of the most painted and most difficult flower to paint. Come loosen up and learn to simplify roses and paint a beautiful floral painting!
  • Lily Pads – March 2
    If you love painting animals then you will know the importance of capturing the eyes. This workshop is all about the eyes! We will paint a stunning close up of an animals eyes focusing on glare, shine and texture!

Located in Studio 10

Monotype: Black & White/Dark and Light Field
Instructor: Sharon Verhoef
Date/Time: Saturday, February 23rd, 10am-4pm
Cost: $100
Materials fee: $30
Description: Bring your creative expression to the fun and flexible experience of creating monotypes. While doing so, become familiar with general printmaking basics. Artists of all levels are welcome including beginners and experienced artists seeking to expand into other media.You are encouraged to bring ideas for images that you wish to develop in this medium.

Located in Foundry Yard

Welding Sculpture- 1 day
Instructors: Jim Hosner & Michael Moffatt
Days/Time: Sundays, 10-2pm
Dates: January 20, February 17 or March 17
Cost: $180
Materials Fee: $30
Description: Students learn the basics of welding to create steel sculptures using arc welding, cutting and finishing techniques. Design concepts and safety procedures are covered during construction of piece.

Located in Studios at Lake Lily
Instructor: PJ Svejda
Days/Time: Thursdays: 7-9pm <3 weeks>
Cost: $80
Model Fee: $30 cash due at 1st class
Description: This is an a la carte approach to the figure with instruction and a live model. Viewing a live nude model learn to successfully draw or paint a figure. Interested in Portraits? Join in March for creating a portrait from a live model.

Figure Drawing with Charcoal
Days/Time: Thursdays: January 24th -February 7th

Figure Painting with Oil
Days/Time: Thursdays: February 28th- -March 14th

Portrait Drawing with Charcoal
Days/Time: Thursdays: March 28th- April 4th