Maitland Art Center Tour
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Maitland Art Center Tour (Grades 2-12)

Art CenterSublogoStep back in time to 1937 when AndréSmith was building the Research Studio, an artist colony. Known today as the Maitland Art Center, this complex, a beautiful example of fantasy architecture, will afford students the opportunity to see the art of yesterday as well as the art of tomorrow.

The Maitland Art Center field Trip includes three major components.  The first section of the field trip includes a visit to the current exhibition with students learning about the artist)s) and their medium/media. The second portion of the trip includes a tour of selected portion of the grounds to learn about the unique architecture and relief sculpture featured throughout. The final component allows students to create their own work of art featuring the beauty of the Maitland Art Center.  During the tour, students will also produce a rubbing of one of the sculptures in the unique flooring of the Art Center.

Larger groups will be divided so that each are can be viewed with ease and comfort.  When divided into groups, each group cycles through each of the experiences. The field trip is intended for groups of 60 or less, but multiple filed trip days can be reserved to accommodate larger groups or an entire grade. Lunch after your field trip may be scheduled in an Art Center Courtyard or nearby Lake Sybelia.

Maitland Art Center feld trips are provided free to Orange County Students in grades 2-6 through the Journeys in Arts & Culture program sponsored by United Arts of Central Florida.

Maitland Art Center
231 W. Packwood Ave
*Closed Major Holidays

Field Trip/Tour Admission
Adults:  $3.00
Students: $4.00 (includes tour and supplies for two art projects)

Maximum Group Size: 60
Tour Duration: 1.5 hours approximately

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