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Tours of the A&H’s five museums are available by appointment for school groups.


The Maitland Art Center highlights the legacy of visionary artist and architect Jules André Smith. The Waterhouse Residence Museum (built in 1884) provides an impressive example of Florida life during the Victorian period. Its counterpart, the Carpentry Shop Museum, contains a collection of antique tools. The Telephone Museum details telephone technology through the years, as well as tells the story of the rise of a local telephone company. Finally, Maitland Historical Museum offers a timeline of Maitland’s history, as well as a changing exhibition space.


Please book programs at least TWO weeks in advance unless otherwise noted.


Maitland’s History Sleuths (Grades 3-6)

This 45-minute classroom presentation will give your students a chance to use their critical thinking skills, appreciate the modern advances we have today, and have a good time doing it! Your class will be given objects and it will be their job to deduce where they came from, what they were used for, and who might have used them. Students will also learn how museums handle and deal with artifacts.

Carpentry Crew on the Go (Grades 3-8)

This program takes place at your school. Your students will be introduced to tool safety, proper tool handling techniques, and the life of Mr. William Waterhouse, a Central Florida carpenter, who helped to build the town of Maitland in the late 1880s. After a short presentation about Central Florida history, students will be given a chance to create a craft from wood with historic carpentry techniques used by Mr. Waterhouse.
Duration: 2 hours approximately

Printmaking Outreach

The Maitland Art Center has a long history of creativity and artistic expression. An A&H staff member will visit your school to talk about the history of printmaking and its importance in the art world. Students will get to create their very own prints with supplies provided by the A&H.

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