The Waterhouse Museum is currently closed for renovations. 

The Waterhouse Residence Museum

Built in 1884 by pioneer settler and builder William H. Waterhouse as a home for his family, this house is beautifully restored to represent the lifestyle enjoyed by a middle-class family during the late Victorian period (known here in the States as the Gilded Age). Enjoy a guided tour back to a time when heart-of-pine was turned by hand to form an Eastlake staircase, luxurious furnishings were stuffed with horsehair and wood-wool, and decorous visitors arrived with calling cards in hand. The tour is so thorough you might hear the rustle of starched skirts on the stair or smell the orange tree groves through the windows!

The Gilded Age is the period in United States history that corresponds with the European Victorian Age. The Waterhouse Family, like others in their community and throughout the country, were heavily influenced by Victorian European traditions and social customs. The Waterhouse Residence Museum is full of beautiful examples of American Victoriana from The Gilded Age, including Victorian clothing, antique furniture, Victorian quilts, and so much more!

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Permanent Exhibitions

This historic house was built in 1884 by Maitland resident and carpenter William Waterhouse as a home for his family. It now serves as a museum, reflecting the life of a middle-class family during the early days of the City of Maitland during the period of American history known as The Gilded Age (simultaneous with the late Victorian Period in Europe). Visit to learn about the early days of Central Florida through the story of the Waterhouse family!

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