Discover Maitland’s rich history and how it parallels the American experience.

Originally founded in 1970 as the Maitland Historical Society, the Maitland History Museum (MHM) preserves the legacy of one of the oldest municipalities in Central Florida.  For forty years, the society collected donations and acquisitions in an effort to preserve Maitland’s unique history. Such efforts resulted in a rich collection of artifacts and archives, some dating back to the city’s beginnings in the late 19th century. With this collection, the histories of the city’s founding, the rise and fall of the citrus industry, and the establishment of the Florida Audubon Society, among other stories, were shared with locals and visitors alike. The Historical Society’s merger with the Maitland Art Center in 2010 further cemented the institution, now known as the Art & History Museums of Maitland, as an integral part of Central Florida’s cultural identity. In a marriage of art and history, MHM continues to showcase the history of Maitland and its neighbors through its original historic collection along with the art and history of Jules André Smith.

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