Featured & Themed Exhibitions

In addition to the Permanent Exhibitions located in its five museums, the A&H hosts a number of special exhibitions throughout the year. These immersive exhibitions either feature acclaimed American artists or connect visitors to relevant themes or current events. Learn more about current or upcoming events by click on the titles in the list below.

Learn more about the A&H Collections  and Permanent Exhibitions in the A&H's five museums: Maitland Art Center, Maitland Historical Museum, Telephone Museum, Waterhouse Residence Museum or Carpentry Shop Museum.

Current and Upcoming Exhibitions

Building Maitland

Feb. 14 – Jun. 21, 2020

The city of Maitland’s architectural landscape has changed seemingly with each decade. The orange groves of the early 1900s gave way to new businesses and homes, springing up to support the families moving to the area in droves. In the Maitland Historical Museum, Building Maitland examines the architectural evolution that the city has undergone in the last century. From Victorian houses, to mid-century modern shopping plazas, to ultra-modern apartment buildings, the story of the city’s growth can be told by the buildings of each era.

The Exotic Realms of Jules André Smith

February 14 – May 17, 2020

The Exotic Realms of Jules André Smith  explores Smith’s extensive body of work, including paintings, watercolors, sculptures, concrete reliefs, theatre set designs, architectural drawings and architectural ornamentation. Through this exhibition, we hope to understand more about his 1937-1942 designs for the Research Studio, which he called “Espero,” or Hope. Awarded the National Historic Landmark distinction for being one of the last remaining examples of Mayan Revival architecture in the southeastern United States, the Center features hundreds of relief carvings depicting Christian and Pagan gods and figures from a variety of religions and cultures. Exotic Realms invites you to step into these fantastical worlds, and learn more about the man who created them.