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Artist Critique & Conversation

March 14, 2018 @ 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm

A&H’s Germaine Marvel Building

Every year Art31 brings a nationally celebrated art professional to Maitland Art Center to focus on artist development through the A&H’s Artist Critique & Conversation program.  The public is welcome to attend and learn how a well-established professional evaluates artistic skill, process and content. The Art31 critique is a free portfolio review by Nomi Dale Kleinman, professor in Textile Surface Design at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City. A talk on Slow Weaving by Nomi at 6:00 will be followed by the Critique at 7:00.

The slow movement is emerging out of a cultural shift away from the fast consumption. Slow Design offers a more hands-on approach to making objects, and asks designers to make conscious choices about materials and processes. It also reconsiders how we relate to objects in the first place. Nomi Kleinman began her career designing fabric for the textile industry. After years of teaching and exploring sustainability and mindfulness she has embarked on a new path for developing woven textiles. This talk will introduce the Slow Design movement and trace the trajectory of Kleinman’s shift from mass market production to boutique, hand-woven textiles through a recent project that appeared in New York Fashion Week.

Free portfolio review by an established leader in fiber arts as a part of the A&H’s Art31 Artist Critique & Conversation. Open to fiber artists and textile/fashion designers.

Share a portfolio selection (a body of work or samples of range of works) for viewing, professional review and public discussion. To be considered, please email images of completed work, artist bio & statement, and link to artist website to education@artandhistory.org. This annual opportunity has benefited emerging, and established artists as they seek to raise visibility of their artwork, processes, and build connections.