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Automatic Drawing

May 12 @ 11:00 am - 2:00 pm

Maitland Art Center Studio 10

Instructor: Ryan Price

Location: Maitland Art Center, Studio 10

Cost: $60 + $10 material fees.

Materials fees must be paid in cash directly to the instructor, and are due on the day of the workshop.

No drawing experience is required! Open to all levels. Automatic drawing is a technique named by and was commonly used by the Surrealists, it involves the artist directly and randomly moving the pen or drawing tool with no preconceived image or plan. This technique is similar to what writers termed, “Stream of consciousness” writing, where through a mental shift drawing automatically allows participants let their subconscious flow through their hands.Participants will be encourage to draw their hearts content out, and learn to unshackle themselves from hesitation caused from the anxiety of being confronted by a blank sheet. Students will create many drawings using many different materials to get them out of their head and out of their comfort zones. Students will learn about processes like, automatism, frottage, and responsive drawing. The drawing doesn’t ever have to be quote on quote finished, it can be left as a single deposit of personal memory there is no right or wrong way to practice automatic drawing.

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