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Opening Reception: un(Common Faith)

May 27 @ 10:19 pm

This exhibition will feature the religious and spiritual works of A&H’s founder, J. André Smith, paired with the religious works of Missionary Mary L. Proctor.

Using found objects from her junkyard, Missionary Mary crafts three-dimensional works and paintings assembled from buttons, mirrors, jewelry, doors, and other various trinkets. Some works are inspired by bible scripture and others by memories of her grandmother or her childhood. Most include written messages of spiritual truths or life lessons.

During his life, Smith sought to bridge the gap between different communities of color, like Maitland and Eatonville, through his religious works and to bring to the forefront the common aspects and shared articles of faith.

The conversation between these two artists will examine Smith’s interest in, and fascination with, spirituality and diverse belief systems. 

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