Cicero Greathouse (1950-2019) traveled the world throughout his life, seeking global inspiration for his bold abstract paintings, but his ties to the Orlando area are strong: he worked as a Senior Art Director for Walt Disney Imagineering, and in 2012, he was awarded a residency at the Maitland Art Center through our Artists-in-Action program.

The AiA program grants studio space on the Maitland Art Center campus to local artists, and in his tenure, Greathouse was placed in the studio that originally belonged to Jules André Smith, the Center's founder. Greathouse fully embraced the spirit of artistic experimentation upon which Smith built the Center. He constantly found new materials to incorporate into his abstract paintings, from cardboard boxes to traditional Chinese Joss paper.

According to his wife, Que Throm Greathouse, Cicero loved the grounds and historical buildings of the Maitland Art Center most of all. In light of this, the Cicero Greathouse Fund has been established in his honor to help preserve the historical grounds and facilities of our National Historic Landmark. Your support ensures Cicero Greathouse's legacy lives on in the Maitland Art Center that he loved so much.