Anthony Deal is a former Artist in Action at Art & History Museums – Maitland. From 2016 to 2018 he worked out of Studio 12, fully embracing Andre Smith’s original intent; that A&H be a place where artists freely explore all possible avenues of creativity within their work. After leaving the AIA program, Anthony was accepted into Southern Illinois University Carbondale’s Sculpture Program, where he is currently a Master of Fine Art candidate. His art combines the beauty and mystery of natural forms, with an investigation into the concept of faith. The main intent of his artistic practice is to offer physical evidence of the notion of sanctuary, that place where the viewer can access their higher nature through the acts of discovery and quiet contemplation.  He approaches his art making as both inventor and explorer, his working method melding scientific principals with those of art and design. The resulting sculptural works are as equally at home in sacred spaces as they are in public and private collections.

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