Discover Maitland’s rich history and how it parallels the American experience.

Maitland Historical Museum

The A&H’s Maitland Historical Museum offers the permanent exhibition Legacies: Creativity and Innovation and other changing exhibitions in its front gallery.

Mirroring how many American communities were first settled, the families who founded the Art & History Museums – Maitland’s five museums were creative and entrepreneurial visionaries from a variety of social classes. They all came to an unfamiliar place and built both culture and community by creating opportunities for themselves and others.

The A&H’s Maitland Historical Museum’s Research Library provides valuable historic resources to the community, and can be visited by appointment only.

Permanent Exhibition –
Legacies: Creativity and Innovation

Some of the individual and family legacies that still influence our community today include André Smith, the Waterhouse family, the Galloway family, the Dommerich family and the Hill family. Archival photographs, artifacts and documents exhibit their stories as they relate to the economic, technological and social aspects of the American experience.

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