The Art & History Museums of Maitland presents our new series of printmaking classes and workshops! Our founder, J. Andre Smith, was a master printmaker. We’re proud to continue his legacy and share his love of this medium with you.

For our Winter Session, we’re offering the following classes and workshops to adults (18+).


Lunar New Year Block Printmakaing – One Day Workshop

Friday, January 20th | 6:00pm – 9:00pm

Instructor: Sage Squire

Join Sage for a hands-on printmaking workshop! We will review introductory block printing techniques and discuss the cultural importance of Lunar New Year. You will be guided through the entire process step-by-step, and all tools and materials needed to complete the project will be provided. This is a beginner class and is open to all experience levels.


Relief Printmaking – 9 Week Class

Sundays, January 15 – March 12 | 4:00pm – 6:15pm

Instructor: Aaron Stefan

Come get addicted to printmaking with us! The class will teach students professional printmaking basics and studio practices focusing on relief and block printing. We will go over various block carving techniques passed down through the centuries, as well as hand-printing vs. press printing, creating chine collé collage elements, and the tricks to perfect multi-color prints!


Block Printmaking – 6 Week Class

Saturdays, January 14 – February 18 | 10:00am – 1:00pm

Instructor: Sage Squire

This 6-week class is open to students of all experience levels who want to learn more about one of the oldest forms of printmaking! During this class, students will develop their very own edition of Reduction Linocut Block Prints. Using a single linoleum block, we will carve away portions of the material to develop multiple layers of colors. Each student will leave this class with a solid foundational understanding of how to draw, carve, and print their artwork on their own!



About Our Printmaking Faculty

Sage Squire

Sage Squire is a Vietnamese American visual artist born and raised in South Florida. She specializes in relief printmaking and natural dyed textiles. Sage’s work is heavily influenced by Florida’s ever-present lush greenery, and she enjoys exploring the child-like whimsy of her work through playing with color. After a decade of diving deep into printmaking, she is excited to share her skills with the Central Florida community through classes and workshops!

Aaron Stefan

Orlando based visual artist, Aaron Stefan, has been a professional printmaker at the renowned collaborative print studio, Flying Horse Editions UCF, since 2018. Aaron assists professional artists by helping them utilize traditional as well as experimental printmaking processes to create new original works that can be duplicated–while simultaneously educating student interns and studio volunteers.

Aaron’s own artistic practice blurs the lines between printmaking, painting, and drawing as he navigates the topic of memory, seeking to understand the effects of visual stimuli and how we store and retrieve memories.