AiR Bios

“The time I spent here was refreshing and I am returning home with a renewed energy for studio work. I liked the small studio buildings and galleries scattered around a beautiful central garden.”  — Leigh Tarentino


Nikki Painter: Artist-in-Residence TEN

(February 7 – March 21, 2017)
Nikki Painter has been making drawings for as long as she can remember, and she is most interested in the idea that artmaking is a way to create a new world. She thinks of all the drawings, paintings, and installations she makes as being part of one world — they are all just fragments of this place, sometimes from different phases of its cycle (like seasons of the year). For the last several years, Painter has been working with more architectural imagery, dealing with themes of construction and destruction, but more recently, she has gotten into plant-sourced imagery, thinking about concepts of growth and renewal.

Elizabeth Condon: Artist-in-Residence NINE

(January 10-31, 2017)
Elisabeth Condon grew up in Los Angeles, down the street from a canyon. This landscape comprises her most vivid recollections, dissolving form in flows of light and color. Visual memory conflates the Asian influenced décor of her childhood home with the canyon, as if plum blossom wallpaper formed the backdrop for its riverbeds and rocks. LA’s glam rock nightclubs, travel to Asia and the Grand Canyon sharpen her desire to paint synthetic landscapes that appear equally fantastic and real. Lately, combining wallpapers and fabrics with pours of paint recreate the ‘dance’ of elements found in Chinese ink painting, replacing calligraphy with stylized plant forms and birds. Condon’s love to travel, strong sense of place and passion for Chinese culture past and present lead her to the intersection of architecture and nature via décor.

Deanna Morse: Artist-in-Residence EIGHT

Over the past thirty-five years, I have been working as a film/video artist, creating experimental and art films and videos, animations, installations, and interactive multimedia pieces. My films are visual poems, often revolving around a character exploring an environment or situation. This art-film-work has been screened in many different and varied venues: on cable, network and public television, in film and animation festivals, museums and schools. My films are represented in many international collections including the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Australian National Film Library. I have also made films for children, including animations for Sesame Street.

Marie Yoho Dorsey: Artist-in-Residence SEVEN

Marie Dorsey works in multiple mediums including printmaking, photography and sculpture. Fascinated by the power of stories and the creation of myth her multidisciplinary practice reflects upon the nature and expectation of narrative as a means to explore ideas.  Dorsey studied at the Sogetsu School of Ikebana in Tokyo, and earned her MFA from the University of South Florida. She practices the of the art of Ikebana, the constant search for a balanced relationship between the sky, the earth and man: a parallel to her own personal, spiritual journey.

 Sharon Lee Hart: Artist-in-Residence SIX

Sharon Hart is a DC born visual artist with a practice primarily focused on photography, works on paper, and a developing interest in book arts. She earned her BFA from Maine College of Art and MFA from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Hart maintains a studio in South Florida, where she is the Head of the Photography program and an Assistant Professor of Art at Florida Atlantic University.

Masha Ryskin

Masha Ryskin is a Russian born artist currently based in Rochester, NY and Providence, RI. She received a classical art education in Moscow, Russia, followed by a BFA from Rhode Island School of Design and an MFA from the University of Michigan. She uses a variety of media, including drawing and painting, printmaking, installation, and fibers. Her work is concerned with landscape and its elements as a metaphor for memory, history, and passage of time.
Masha’s work has been exhibited nationally and internationally. She has participated in a number of artist residencies, both in the United States and abroad. She is a recipient of many grants and fellowships, including a Fulbright grant to Norway.

Serge Marchetta: Artists-in-Residence FIVE

After 18 years of service at Post Canada, Serge Marchetta quit in 1993 and started a new career as a visual artist. Graduating from Université du Québec à Montréal in 1995, Marchetta has participated in over than forty solo and group exhibitions in Montreal, Québec, Europe and United States.
Since 2010, in parallel with his individual practice, he has started to work in collaboration with Masha Ryskin.

Marydorsey Wanless: Artist-in-Residence FOUR

Marydorsey Wanless is a visual artist and educator living in Topeka, Kansas. She is an Associate Professor Emerita of Photography at Washburn University Art Department, where she has taught sixteen years. She is currently retired and teaching workshops in photography.
Her art work is photo-based, using historical photographic alternative processes. It incorporates personal experiences combined with the photographic processes. She has exhibited regionally, nationally, and internationally; and has received many awards, including the grand prize in the SoHo Gallery’s alternative photography show, The Krappy Kamera Exhibit 2009. She has exhibited in over 150 juried shows, in 32 invited group shows, and has had 25 solo shows of her photography.

Elysia Mann: Artist-in-Residence THREE

Elysia Mann is from St. Louis, where she earned her BFA in printmaking.  She later earned her MFA at the University of Tennessee, where she was a graduate teaching associate.  Mann’s work embraces doubt as a way of knowing and redundancy as a performance of doubt.  She has an interdisciplinary approach that includes printmaking, weaving, installation, and poetry. Areas of repeated focus in Mann’s work include language, time, the body, the body politic and repetition.

Leigh Tarentino: Artist-in-Residence TWO

Leigh Tarentino is from Rhode Island. She is an artist who makes paintings, works on paper and digital prints constructed from photographs of the built landscape. She is an Assistant Professor at Brown University.

Josette Urso: Artist-in-Residence ONE

Josette Urso makes paintings, drawings and collages working directly and urgently in response to her immediate environment. For Urso, space is a malleable substance that she delights in manipulating acrobatically in a kind of gymnasium of mark making and image collision all governed by intuitive leaps of scale, color, and a wayward geometry. Her approach involves “moment-to-moment” extrapolation where the contrasts and cross-fertilizations are cumulative, non-linear, free flowing and interpretive. She strives to discover and engage the known as well as the unknown in unforeseen ways.
Urso has shown widely in the United States and abroad in galleries, public institutions, and museums including the New York Public Library, the Drawing Center, and the Bronx Museum for the Arts. She has had numerous grants and residencies including those from the NEA, Basil H. Alkazzi and the Pollock-Krasner Foundation as well as the Camargo Foundation, Ucross and Yaddo.