Formatting Example


This is where the exceedingly relevant lead-in or call-out goes. This should be a short introductory paragraph or an important reference from the wp-content that follows.

We may have a paragraph that contains quite a bit of copy. The paragraph, in any instance, should be succinct and quippy. It should not be overly verbose.

  • Then, we may have a series of bullets.
  • Again, these bullets should only contain necessary information.
  • Too much color can lose our audience.

EVENT TITLES: These are useful when promoting a class ALL CAPS

A Contributor’s Information,
The date and time, and
the cost for participation get equal treatment.

We will talk about this in the same fashion as a typical paragraph of wp-content. The detail should echo a similar voice. The wp-content should be as short as possible, yet with the appropriate amount of detail.

The wp-content should also segue to call to action. To add a button, select the icon for “insert button”. It looks like a bracket with an arrow pointing right.